Backstage getting started


Install Node

curl -o- | bash
nvm install v18.16.1
nvm use v18.16.1
npm install --global yarn

Running directly

npx @backstage/create-app@latest
cd backstage
yarn dev

Running locally with docker

# Running locally with docker
yarn install --frozen-lockfile
yarn tsc
yarn build:backend

diff --git a/app-config.yaml b/app-config.yaml
--- a/app-config.yaml
+++ b/app-config.yaml
- client: better-sqlite3
- connection: ':memory:'
+ client: pg
+ connection:
+ host: postgres
+ port: 5432
+ user: postgres
+ password: postgres
+ cache:
+ store: memory

docker image build . -f packages/backend/Dockerfile --tag backstage
docker network create local
docker run --name postgres -e POSTGRES_USER=postgres -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=postgres -e POSTGRES_HOST_AUTH_METHOD=trust --network=local -d -p 5432:5432 postgres
docker run -it --network=local -p 7007:7007 backstage

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