oak-apply-ri: apply referential integrity on two columns with parent-child relationship.
oak-block-account: block or release MySQL users accounts, disabling them or enabling them to login.
oak-chunk-update: perform long, non-blocking UPDATE/DELETE operation in auto managed small chunks.
oak-get-slave-lag: print slave replication lag and terminate with respective exit code.
oak-hook-general-log: hook up and filter general log entries based on entry type or execution plan criteria.
oak-kill-slow-queries: terminate long running queries.
oak-modify-charset: change the character set (and collation) of a textual column.
oak-online-alter-table: perform a non-blocking ALTER TABLE operation.
oak-prepare-shutdown: make for a fast and safe MySQL shutdown.
oak-purge-master-logs: purge master logs, depending on the state of replicating slaves.
oak-repeat-query: repeat query execution until some condition holds.
oak-security-audit: audit accounts, passwords, privileges and other security settings.
oak-show-limits: show AUTO_INCREMENT “free space”.
oak-show-replication-status: show how far behind are replicating slaves on a given master.


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